Dave is running the Heidelberg KSBS cylinder press

Much like a lion-tamer, Dave persuades the press to do fancy tricks: match Pantone, don’t feed too fast, get the right amount of air flowing.
Heidelberg KSBS letterpress printingHeidelberg KSBS letterpress printer

Pat’s Press is the Greenest

My fellow pressperson, Pat, has the greenest press in the shop. From a lush green carpet for comfortable footing all the way up to the very top with a leafy, happy bamboo plant for ambient eye candy. Pat’s press is the swankiest.
boxcar press letterpress bamboo plant letterpress print shop

Paper Feeding

See how far the top of the paper stack is away from the holes and springy fingers? That’s a good space for smooth sheet feeding. Keep the stack rising at this constant rate depending on paper thickness, amount of air blast, angle of suckers and where air blast fluffs up the stack and you’re in business as a smooth operator.

letterpress printing paper feeding


Can you guess what card Joe is printing today?

boxcar press letterpress with purple inksmock letterpress design

Heidelberg Offset

Brian cleans an offset press, showing it who’s da bowss!

In Syracuse

The leaves are just starting to change colors, the air has been a bit nippy. Autumn is creeping in and holiday themes are popping up here and there now. It’s almost undeniable sweater season.

A Sublime Poster Project

Today on the Vandercook Universal 1 we printed a commemorative poster for the Penrod Arts Fair in Indianapolis. This utterly charming piece features a dapper gentleman that counterpoints the bold graphics. Love it!