Jack & the Beanstalk

Actually it’s Joe and bamboo that grows in Pat’s magic Heidelberg windmill. We’re waiting to see if Joe climbs it.

Bill is also becoming a press farmer with a strong daffodil that’s growing like crazy!

Pat’s Press is the Greenest

My fellow pressperson, Pat, has the greenest press in the shop. From a lush green carpet for comfortable footing all the way up to the very top with a leafy, happy bamboo plant for ambient eye candy. Pat’s press is the swankiest.
boxcar press letterpress bamboo plant letterpress print shop

Fun with Diecutting

This is Smock’s Plymouth diecut shape on ivory 1-ply bamboo paper. Even a stack of stripped out sheets is fun to look at and play with – but only for a minute, there’s work to be done!
smock diecuts in funky shapessmock diecuts are trendy