Little letterpress classes on video

Welcome to the Boxcar Institute Training Series (BITS). These little letterpress classes of ours feature the Vandercook, the Windmill, the Pearl, and Harold. What do you think we should cover in our next little letterpress class? Drop us an email and let us know—we’re always looking for new ideas.

(What are the top letterpress videos in the world? Check out our list.)

No. 1: letterpress base lockup and cleaning your Boxcar Base.

No. 2: adjusting roller height. Improve your printing with only a roll of 3M tape.

No. 3: setting gauge pins on your press and registering your letterpress plate.

No. 4: makeready. How to perfect your impression and get even printing and inking.

No. 5: the two colors, one plate trick. How to quickly print two color runs with a single photopolymer plate. Magic!

No. 6: mixing letterpress ink. How to use a Pantone formula guide and a scale to get consistent ink results.

No. 7: Heidelberg Windmill set-up tips.