photo of printing help | Rebecca Miller

We are your bosom letterpress buddies forever so if you need help just ask.

One of the perks of being a Boxcar Press customer is that we’ll help you out with the issues you have on press FOREVER. You order from us? We are now life long friends. (This is a good thing.)

How to get in touch with us for help: email. phone (315.473.0930). twitter. facebook.

What we can help you with: Plates not inking right. Ink on your base. How to get your base in your press. Uneven impression from polymer. What base to choose for your press. Blobby printing. How to use a roller gauge. Really, anything.

Use these methods to send us your letterpress SOS. Email a photo or video of your press acting up. Tweet us of photo of your problem printing. Send a photo of the polymer plates that are acting up. Mail us your actual problem plates (or your actual letterpress printing). Send us whatever is useful for us to understand what’s going on.

You might also find help on our web site.

  • Our letterpress faq’s cover file prep, platemaking, printing, and supplies.
  • Our little letterpress videos cover such mysteries as makeready, plate registration, gauge pin set-up, ink mixing, and base lock-up.
  • Letterpress roundtables ask essential questions to important printers (like, What’s the most valuable tool in your print shop? or Do you have a tattoo related to letterpress somewhere on your body?). This is an ongoing series on our blog.

Find more help on Letterpress Commons.