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Printer shoes are happy shoes. Thanks for the fine display Mr. Patrick!


Letterpress makes the world a better place

Here at Boxcar Press we are dedicated to making the world a better place and providing our customers with the finest quality letterpress stationery items. Recently we’ve been able to combine our two loves on a couple of special projects. (We’re sure other letterpress shops are out there supporting causes they believe in too. Post a comment and tell us what you’re doing, or email us at so we can promote you in future blog posts.)

If you follow this blog regularly, you may recall that we donated the printing for this Tara Hogan (of Ink + Wit)-designed card earlier this year. The sanctuary “provides shelter to cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep and goats who have been rescued from cases of abuse, neglect and abandonment.” It promotes the respectful, humane treatment of animals and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Learn more by visiting their


Our friends at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary liked the cards so much they called and asked if they could buy more! We were happy to do the job (who doesn’t love cows and pigs and sheep?) and extend them a discount in recognition of the great work they do. To learn more about the Sanctuary see our January 24th blog post.


(Boxcar Kids* modeling the tee shirts sent as a thoughtful thank you from the kind folks at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary.)

We recently received this message from Greta Gladney, Executive Director of the Renaissance Project: “I cannot begin to tell you how much pride we take in using our new stationery. We appreciate Boxcar’s craftsmanship, commitment to sustainability and support of our work.”

“The mission of the Renaissance Project is poverty alleviation and improving the quality of life in New Orleans’ low-income African American communities by implementing programs and supporting partnerships in the areas of food access,education, economic development and the arts.” (from the mission statement of The Renaissance Project)



We printed their letterhead, envelopes and business cards at a discount. The identity package was designed by the talented folks at Big Tada in New Orleans.

The letterhead is letterpress printed in silver and navy ink on the front and features a map offset printed in silver on the back. The same navy and silver are used on both sides of the letterpress business cards. Crane Lettra Fluorescent White papers and envelopes served as the canvas for this handsome identity suite.

by Mary Raymond, Client Coordinator.

Blackletter Business Cards

We’ve been printing a lot of cool letterpress business cards of late, not the least of which is these sweet cards we printed for Blackletter. They feature a great letterpress flood printed in black, offering sharp contrast to the bright white paper and perfectly setting off Blackletter’s simple, typography-loving branding.



Designerly Cool Letterpress Business Cards

We printed these cool letterpress business cards for designer Christina Clugston. The logo is designed with a series of super fine lines, overprinted to give a three-color look to a two-color job. Paired with simple typogprahy, these cards are some of the coolest we’ve seen in a while.



Letterpress Business Collateral for Revival

A while back we had the opportunity to print some letterpress business collateral pieces for Revival, including these letterpress hang tags. They are a cool combination of simple typography on recycled chip board, which we printed and then hole drilled for merchandising.



From Our Print Shop: Cool Letterpress Business Cards for Salt & Syrup

These letterpress business cards, printed for Salt & Syrup, are simple but really cool. We love the combination of blind deboss with a cool green ink. They have a clean Scandinavian feel, perfect for this fun Swedish stationery line.

From our print shop: cool letterpress and offset double-sided business cards

Sometimes we combine letterpress and offset printing to get the best of both printing methods – the back of these business cards were flooded with great color (with type in reverse), since letterpress isn’t ideal for large solids.

Boxcar Press Plates Spotted: Jessica Hische’s Business Cards on FPO

We loved seeing Jessica Hische’s awesome business cards featured on FPO this week. Jessica is a designer based in Brooklyn and we are huge fans of her work. Her sweet letterpress business cards were printed using a standard Boxcar Base and 94FL plates at The Arm – check out that cool shot of her Boxcar plates!

[Photos by Jessica Hische]