Letterpress Business Collateral for Revival

A while back we had the opportunity to print some letterpress business collateral pieces for Revival, including these letterpress hang tags. They are a cool combination of simple typography on recycled chip board, which we printed and then hole drilled for merchandising.



5 thoughts on “Letterpress Business Collateral for Revival

  1. Where oh where can i get some of this kind of chipboard with such a cool texture? I love these cards!
    From another letterpress printer, Zida

    • This is 60 pt. chipboard, but unfortunately, we’re not sure where these were ordered. Most chipboards are 100% recycled content and we currently purchase our chipboard from xpedx.

  2. Hello, I would like to get information and pricing for a hang tag order very similar to the above Revival card. This is exactly what I’m looking for. Please let me know how I can get more information.

    Thank you,

    Juli Mahoney

    Rustic Refined

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