Flannel Town

Jake and Dave ponder how to acquire more flannel to keep warm during our frigid central NY winter.
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Ink Blooming

One of my favorite parts of printing is watching fresh ink bloom on the rollers. Royal blue comes up nicely. Yes, to the printers out there, I did tighten up the rider roller. Laypersons that’s the silver one on top that carries extra ink and didn’t ink up like everything else.

Dave is running the Heidelberg KSBS cylinder press

Much like a lion-tamer, Dave persuades the press to do fancy tricks: match Pantone, don’t feed too fast, get the right amount of air flowing.
Heidelberg KSBS letterpress printingHeidelberg KSBS letterpress printer

Pat’s Press is the Greenest

My fellow pressperson, Pat, has the greenest press in the shop. From a lush green carpet for comfortable footing all the way up to the very top with a leafy, happy bamboo plant for ambient eye candy. Pat’s press is the swankiest.
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Say hi to some of our pressmen!

It’s Tim, the back of Lou & peeping Dave – all letterpress printers here at Boxcar Press!
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Happy November Birthdays

Today we celebrate our November born people with this amazing, delicious chocolate mousse cake! Happy, Happy Birthday!boxcar press birthday celebrationletterpress printers love cake