Lou is mixing ink

See the fists of fury fly as he speedily mixes red, yellow & black inks into a smooth, delicious burgundy for a thank you card.
mixing custom ink for letterpress printing

Look out!

Boy, you print one critter and don’t ya know, they start multiplying!
bold graphic envelope liners

Panoramic Bella Figura

Yes, as a matter of fact, we DO have Bella Figura samples available for you, a veritable plethora as far as the eye can see. Check out the exquisite and vast collection of Bella Figura design we have assembled for your fine stationery needs.

bella figura lettepress wedding samples

Paper Feeding

See how far the top of the paper stack is away from the holes and springy fingers? That’s a good space for smooth sheet feeding. Keep the stack rising at this constant rate depending on paper thickness, amount of air blast, angle of suckers and where air blast fluffs up the stack and you’re in business as a smooth operator.

letterpress printing paper feeding

Field trip to Platemaking

Greg peels a plate off the washout unit on the platemaker. In the water are brushes that have taken off non-inking areas of the plate.

platemaking processplatemaking at the momentletterpress plates being made

Bon Apetit

It’s always fun to see what’s on the menu. The fine printing no doubt makes it taste even more delicious.

letterpress menus letterpress typology menus

Early letterpress block

Here is a piece of Harold’s metal cut ( or illustration ) collection: A bride in classic form.
metal cut letterpress plate

Happy October

It’s a beautiful late afternoon in autumn. Say hi to Mary sitting in the front.
boxcar press office print shop