2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Need holiday gift ideas for the letterpress lover in your life? We’ve put together a list of our top 19 holiday gift ideas for the 2019 season — we found some handy supplies, books, and printing swag that any printer would love to receive. Let us know what’s on your wishlist in the comments section below!

1.  It’s a Vandercook Thing mug by Standard Mugs  | 2. Letterpress Type zippered pouch by Rachel Mullins  | 3. Flurry Paper in 3 colors, 100% cotton from Boxcar Press   | 4. Composing stick enamel pin from Paper Carnival  | 5. Vandercook Presses: Maintenance, History and Resources, 3rd Edition by Paul Moxon

6. Amalgamated Printers’ Association tote bag from APA  | 7. Letterpress Type spiral notebook by Madelei  | 8. Magic Ink Knife from Boxcar Press that easily opens 2.2 lb ink cans  | 9. Vandercook enamel pin from the Paper Carnival |  10. Star Collection from Virgin Wood Type

11. Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress enamel pin by MCPressure  | 12. PANTONE tea cup by PANTONE   | 13. Ladies of Letterpress: A Gallery of Prints With 86 Removable Posters book  | 14. New Heidelberg Windmill Press t-shirt in white on black soft cotton by Boxcar Press  | 15. The Bezier Method Zine (a brand new book for lettering enthusiasts)  16. Japanese Wood block printmaking kit  from McClain’s for those who want to learn a new art.

17. Type Gauge Multi Tool from P22 Type Foundry |   18. Personalized sign in wood or aluminum  print and book shop by TheLiztonSignShop |  19. Studio on Fire Calendar

Valentine’s Day at Boxcar Press

The Boxcar Toddler visited our letterpress headquarters on Valentine’s Day, decked out in a very realistic USPS postman outfit. He didn’t have much time to chat as he needed to pass out over 50 Valentines throughout the old artist warehouse that we call home. Though Valentine’s Day is perhaps a little less romantic with two kids, it certainly is a lot cuter. (Who needs flowers when you have a toddler anyway?!) And okay, okay, we’ll admit the little Valentines weren’t letterpressed this year, but at least they were eco!

Cool calligraphy letterpress ornaments!

Sure, the holidays are over in theory, but that doesn’t mean we still aren’t finding pleasure in cool letterpress holiday things….like this letterpress calligraphy ornament! Designed by one of our favorite calligraphers Debi Zeinert and letterpress printed & die-cut by Boxcar Press.