Working in Comfort

Here at Boxcar, we believe in comfortable working environments. If you run a press I hope you have an anti-fatigue mat of your own. Cushy flooring really makes a huge difference running a letterpress all day or just for a few hours.


Fancy edges

Take a look at one of our newest Smock offerings- fancy diecut shapes with edge painting added on.


A Letterpress Set for Overseas Friends: Denmark wedding with a Chinese twist

We printed this cool letterpress wedding invitation set for our friends Kalee and Chris.


The vintage Airmail envelopes were letterpress printed on flat sheets of paper and converted. The envelopes were entire set was designed by Lucky-Luxe Couture Correspondence. The modern invitation was letterpress printed on Crane Lettra pearl white cotton paper (2-ply).


The set was put over the top with an off-color (Crane Lettra Ecru White paper) Chinese tea party invitation designed by the bride herself, giving this modern set, a traditional accent.



We had so much fun printing these letterpress wedding invitations. We also learned a lot along the way.

Inks: (295U, 200U, 110U, 377U), Paper (Crane Lettra 220#C Pearl White, Crane Lettra 220#C Ecru White)

Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Shannon is wrapping up the last of an invitation suite for Leah and Todd. Letterpress printed in charcoal ink, the Bella Figura design “Deveril” is a classy look to set their wedding. The couple will be receiving the package very shortly!

Hmmm Lollipop

As delicious as it sounds lollipop is only a nickname for the roller gauge. This handy device is placed under inky rollers where the form (or artwork) would be. The round part is exactly type-high (.918) so a narrow stripe of ink will show whether the rollers are set to the correct height. Please do not be tempted to eat this lollipop.

Boxcar Plates in Action: Letterpress Invitations Featured on Mint

We think it’s beyond cool when people decide to tackle letterpressing their own wedding invitations. Like Lindsay, Beverly and Neil, a graphic designer and an architect, designed and printed their own letterpress invitations. We love the hands-on approach! These were featured on Mint earlier this week – the couple used photopolymer plates from Boxcar Press and Neenah paper, and got to take over the printshop of their friend Amos Kennedy of Kennedy Prints. How sweet is that? Beverly and Neil printed invitations, thank you notes and all of the corresponding envelopes, then added a cool textile inspiration by sewing the invitations.

You can read more about these invitations on Mint.

photo via Mint

we love edge-painting things

Boxcar Press flat printing for Tablots edge paintingBoxcar Press eco offset printing for TablotsWe fell in love with edge painting a year or two ago — it’s such a cool way to add a second or third color to a printed piece, and you can still pantone match the edge color (we mix edge-painting inks by hand, and then apply by hand too). We flat printed these invitations for Talbots announcing their Spring 2009 collection, and then we did the edge painting too — we love the BRIGHT PINK edge painting they chose. They added the embossed pattern on their end. Printed on our cotton paper.