Mesmerizing Letterpress

Gaze deep into the flywheel, you are getting very sleepy. The rhythmic song of the press is lulling you. Bask in the fuzzy goodness of letterpress.

Scrub a dub

The job has been done, it was quite fun.
Now the press gets a good cleaning from the old ink.
It’s so nice that our low VOC solvent doesn’t stink!

Job of the day

Today’s job is a double-sided trifold wedding program. This lovely classic piece is printed in taupe ink on white Smock bamboo paper. Next the program will go on to be scored for smooth folding. Then it will be trimmed, inspected, packed and shipped to the happy couple. That makes us happy.

Read This

Letterpress printer Jake means what he says! Tip o’ the hat to you, reader.

The World of IT

Up the stairs, behind the giant red door, is the world of our IT department. They are a friendly bunch and love visitors in their spacious loft. Here’s a joke wild Sam told me: Tow VB (Visual Basic) programmers walk into a bar. The first person turns to the second and says, “What type of beer do you want?” The second one says, “What’s a type?”
We laughed and laughed and finally simmered down with a round at their espresso-puter. What a great bunch!

Say Hello

It’s Lou, Dave, & Bill (from left to right), outstanding letterpress printers working hard to create the finest letterpressed items in the galaxy. Thanks guys!

Our Stronghold

In pre-press, King Tut stands guard over the imagesetters, helping wand off unruly files.

Attaining Age

One of the benefits of being an old-timer here at Boxcar is getting a letterpress named after me. I salute you back, dear Boxcar.


Printer Shoes

Printer shoes are happy shoes. Thanks for the fine display Mr. Patrick!