Jack & the Beanstalk

Actually it’s Joe and bamboo that grows in Pat’s magic Heidelberg windmill. We’re waiting to see if Joe climbs it.

Bill is also becoming a press farmer with a strong daffodil that’s growing like crazy!

Running Windmill

The sleep machine is running, unaware it is being watched. Long out of production, this Heidelberg 10 x 15 windmill letterpress still runs smoothly & precisely with the loving care it has been given over the decades. If you listen closely, you can hear it breathing & purring as ink is pressed to downy white cotton paper.

Glorious Windmills

In a gleaming array of fine machinery, here stand some of our prized workhorses, Heidelberg 10 x 15 Red Ball Windmills!
heidelberg windmills in a letterpress print shop

Dave is running the Heidelberg KSBS cylinder press

Much like a lion-tamer, Dave persuades the press to do fancy tricks: match Pantone, don’t feed too fast, get the right amount of air flowing.
Heidelberg KSBS letterpress printingHeidelberg KSBS letterpress printer

Say hi to some of our pressmen!

It’s Tim, the back of Lou & peeping Dave – all letterpress printers here at Boxcar Press!
letterpress printers printingletterpress printers like to have fun

Paper Feeding

See how far the top of the paper stack is away from the holes and springy fingers? That’s a good space for smooth sheet feeding. Keep the stack rising at this constant rate depending on paper thickness, amount of air blast, angle of suckers and where air blast fluffs up the stack and you’re in business as a smooth operator.

letterpress printing paper feeding

Innards of a Vandercook

Up close and personal with our Universal 1 Vandercook press.
Universal 1 Vandercook pressUniversal 1 Vandercook press

Heidelberg Offset

Brian cleans an offset press, showing it who’s da bowss!

Go, windmill press, go

Today we’re printing with the trusty Heidelberg 10×15 letterpress, nicknamed the “Windmill” because of its rotating gripper arms. Upon this super thick plush white stock we’re laying down a soft golden yellow custom ink.

Say Hello

It’s Lou, Dave, & Bill (from left to right), outstanding letterpress printers working hard to create the finest letterpressed items in the galaxy. Thanks guys!