Paper Feeding

See how far the top of the paper stack is away from the holes and springy fingers? That’s a good space for smooth sheet feeding. Keep the stack rising at this constant rate depending on paper thickness, amount of air blast, angle of suckers and where air blast fluffs up the stack and you’re in business as a smooth operator.

letterpress printing paper feeding

Field trip to Platemaking

Greg peels a plate off the washout unit on the platemaker. In the water are brushes that have taken off non-inking areas of the plate.

platemaking processplatemaking at the momentletterpress plates being made


Can you guess what card Joe is printing today?

boxcar press letterpress with purple inksmock letterpress design

Heidelberg Offset

Brian cleans an offset press, showing it who’s da bowss!

Secret Treasures of a Printshop

Geometry of a vast ceiling + special effects found in the recycle bin. With open eyes, many treasures are to be found.

Scrub a dub

The job has been done, it was quite fun.
Now the press gets a good cleaning from the old ink.
It’s so nice that our low VOC solvent doesn’t stink!

Job of the day

Today’s job is a double-sided trifold wedding program. This lovely classic piece is printed in taupe ink on white Smock bamboo paper. Next the program will go on to be scored for smooth folding. Then it will be trimmed, inspected, packed and shipped to the happy couple. That makes us happy.

Go, windmill press, go

Today we’re printing with the trusty Heidelberg 10×15 letterpress, nicknamed the “Windmill” because of its rotating gripper arms. Upon this super thick plush white stock we’re laying down a soft golden yellow custom ink.

Candid Shot

Not really, I think Mike detected me while I tried to be invisible taking people pictures. He is consulting with Harold while Lour runs in front.

The World of IT

Up the stairs, behind the giant red door, is the world of our IT department. They are a friendly bunch and love visitors in their spacious loft. Here’s a joke wild Sam told me: Tow VB (Visual Basic) programmers walk into a bar. The first person turns to the second and says, “What type of beer do you want?” The second one says, “What’s a type?”
We laughed and laughed and finally simmered down with a round at their espresso-puter. What a great bunch!