Hey, look! A cinema shot of a lovely Vandercook gripper. It holds the sheet as the “carriage” (moving cylinder) travels across the bed. Our Vandercook has been mighty busy lately.

vandercook letterpress gripper

Innards of a Vandercook

Up close and personal with our Universal 1 Vandercook press.
Universal 1 Vandercook pressUniversal 1 Vandercook press

Heidelberg Offset

Brian cleans an offset press, showing it who’s da bowss!

For Platemaking Needs

Inside this formidable cabinet lies a plethora of plate types that one can order from us. You can choose metal or plastic backed, and a variety of plate heights.

Mesmerizing Letterpress

Gaze deep into the flywheel, you are getting very sleepy. The rhythmic song of the press is lulling you. Bask in the fuzzy goodness of letterpress.

Secret Treasures of a Printshop

Geometry of a vast ceiling + special effects found in the recycle bin. With open eyes, many treasures are to be found.

Scrub a dub

The job has been done, it was quite fun.
Now the press gets a good cleaning from the old ink.
It’s so nice that our low VOC solvent doesn’t stink!

Job of the day

Today’s job is a double-sided trifold wedding program. This lovely classic piece is printed in taupe ink on white Smock bamboo paper. Next the program will go on to be scored for smooth folding. Then it will be trimmed, inspected, packed and shipped to the happy couple. That makes us happy.

Go, windmill press, go

Today we’re printing with the trusty Heidelberg 10×15 letterpress, nicknamed the “Windmill” because of its rotating gripper arms. Upon this super thick plush white stock we’re laying down a soft golden yellow custom ink.

A Sublime Poster Project

Today on the Vandercook Universal 1 we printed a commemorative poster for the Penrod Arts Fair in Indianapolis. This utterly charming piece features a dapper gentleman that counterpoints the bold graphics. Love it!