A common downfall of new printers using light colored inks is thinking the print will be the same color as how the ink looks in the can. Here is a can of nice deep rust orange ink but it is actually meant to be a light apricot color. When applying an unfamiliar ink to your press, use a small amount and work your way up to color. That is much easier than having to wipe ink off and possibly put lintballs from a rag on the ink drum or disc. If you do have way too much ink on, it’s less trouble to simply wash up and start over. There is never an end to learning more press tricks!

apricot letterpress ink canapricot ink letterpress printed at Boxcar Press

Essential Q&A – Rebecca Miller

It’s been a while since we’ve done an Essential Q&A on the Boxcar blog, so we’re bringing it back! Today we’ve got some questions for Rebecca Miller, prepress extraordinaire — read on to find out more about her!

Boxcar Press Rebecca Miller

Job title: Pre-Press

Describe what you do at Boxcar Press in 10 words: Prepare press-friendly layouts and illuminate design, technical, and printing solutions.

My super power is: Making people feel at ease.

Hometown: Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan (pronounced “SOO”)

My favorite printing equipment: Heidelbergs!

What three places do you want out-of-towners to visit in Central New York?
1. Boxcar Press of course!
2. The Oncenter Arena to catch a Syracuse Crunch game
3. Fillmore Glen in Moravia, NY

Music that inspires me: MIDI music from old video games

The greenest thing I do: Recycle old clothes into nifty pillows and throws

Besides letterpress, I am passionate about: Typography, illustration, and hockey!

PM 368 U swatch

My favorite Pantone: 368: A green you can count on.

Most memorable meal: Bear jerky and deep fried smelt. Delicious!

What book do you think everyone should read? The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

What’s on your nightstand right now? The Prince by Machiavelli, ink pens, and a digital clock in 24-hour time.

Something about the Boxcar Press crew our customers don’t know: How extraordinary and cheerful we are… even under pressure or the weather. Such gifted talent in this group!


Special guests

We had the honor of receiving some special guests recently. Bill Goldston, director of the renowned Universal Limited Art Editions (ULAE) and Andrew Saluti, curator of Pressing Print, a wonderful show of ULAE pieces at SUArt Galleries/ Shaffer Art Bldg. For decades, Bill has been inviting artists to come to his shop to explore the medium of printmaking using etching, silkscreen, letterpress, digital, anything to make the artists’ vision come true. He has worked with artists such as Jasper Johns, Jane Hammond, Carroll Dunham and Kiki Smith performing technical feats that my eyes have seen the amazing results of at the show currently in town. Highly recommend seeing it in person if you can! For show info. For info on ULAE.
From left in photo: Cathy, Bill, Andrew, Harold
visitors at boxcar press

Local AIGA Branch Tours Boxcar Press

Boxcar Press started off February with a tour group from the local branch of the AIGA. These tours are a great opportunity for us to not only show what our company has to offer, but also helps us encourage and inspire people to pursue designing for letterpress projects. The group size consisted of about seven graphic designers. They showed great interest in the process from design to platemaking all the way to finishing.  Everyone enjoyed watching the printers at their windmills and rubbing their fingertips over the impression in the paper.  As letterpress continues to grow in popularity, we find graphic designers who visit are more knowledgeable about the craft than just a couple of years ago. A big thanks to these designers for stopping in!