To clean the presses

Some like a squirty solvent bottle, some like a little red one. No matter which one is preferred they are trusty helpers.

A Day in our letterpress shop: Big Red Door.

In the Smock area is a big red door that is very sturdy and slides on rails with a good heave. Behind this door is where we keep our lovable, strange IT team.


Printer Shoes

Printer shoes are happy shoes. Thanks for the fine display Mr. Patrick!


Working in Comfort

Here at Boxcar, we believe in comfortable working environments. If you run a press I hope you have an anti-fatigue mat of your own. Cushy flooring really makes a huge difference running a letterpress all day or just for a few hours.


Ink Mixing

Mike is mixing up a batch of custom light purple ink. Each component of the color is weighed out on the scale to get just the right proportions. The blobs are then vigorously blended, pushed and pulled into a nice smooth large blob of ink that is ready to go on the press.

Hmmm Lollipop

As delicious as it sounds lollipop is only a nickname for the roller gauge. This handy device is placed under inky rollers where the form (or artwork) would be. The round part is exactly type-high (.918) so a narrow stripe of ink will show whether the rollers are set to the correct height. Please do not be tempted to eat this lollipop.

So Wonderful

Here is a plate mounted on our Boxcar base. Lou’s letterpress is singing in pool ink today, a lovely deep blue. Hearing the press run never gets old.

A day in our Letterpress Shop: Blooming Flowers

Flowers are blooming all over in the Smock area! Using the pollen pattern gift wrap (which is 2 sided), Jen has made this amazing, huge, beautiful display piece. So many ideas, only 24 hours in a day!

Another Splendid Press!

Just in case you thought we only had Heidelberg presses, here is a teeny one that lives on the reception desk. It is a miniature wooden handpress, ancestor to the Heidelbergs.

by Carrie Valenzuela, letterpress printer. 12:29 p.m.