Early letterpress block

Here is a piece of Harold’s metal cut ( or illustration ) collection: A bride in classic form.
metal cut letterpress plate

Happy October

It’s a beautiful late afternoon in autumn. Say hi to Mary sitting in the front.
boxcar press office print shop


Hey, look! A cinema shot of a lovely Vandercook gripper. It holds the sheet as the “carriage” (moving cylinder) travels across the bed. Our Vandercook has been mighty busy lately.

vandercook letterpress gripper


Can you guess what card Joe is printing today?

boxcar press letterpress with purple inksmock letterpress design

Innards of a Vandercook

Up close and personal with our Universal 1 Vandercook press.
Universal 1 Vandercook pressUniversal 1 Vandercook press

Heidelberg Offset

Brian cleans an offset press, showing it who’s da bowss!

For Platemaking Needs

Inside this formidable cabinet lies a plethora of plate types that one can order from us. You can choose metal or plastic backed, and a variety of plate heights.

In Syracuse

The leaves are just starting to change colors, the air has been a bit nippy. Autumn is creeping in and holiday themes are popping up here and there now. It’s almost undeniable sweater season.