Boxcar Base/plates in action: the Studio On Fire letterpress calendar

Okay, we’re in love.

Actually, we fall totally head over heels in love with the Studio On Fire calendar every single year, and this year is no different. The design is always amazing. The letterpress printing is always amazing (amazing solids, great impression, super crisp type).

And we’re so thrilled that the calendar is printed using our Boxcar Base and Boxcar’s photopolymer plates.

Studio On Fire, by the way, is a design and letterpress shop based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and they consistently create some of the most original letterpress work out there — so go check them out and get inspired! The calendar is available for purchase for $30 from their web site — and sure, it’s March, but that means you can still get nine more months of authentic over-the-top letterpress pleasure from this calendar. Also check out their awesome letterpress blog Beast Pieces.

Angel Bomb Design uses Boxcar’s letterpress plates to make very cool work

Oh we love it when our platemaking customers send us really lovely letterpress samples! These come from Todd Thybert from Angel Bomb Design in Minneapolis–Todd uses our platemaking services and our Boxcar Base for his printing. He also wrote us a sweet letter: “I’ve been using your photopolymer plates for a year and a half and have thoroughly enjoyed the quality and service I get from Boxcar Press.” Angel Bomb Design has been around for 10 years, and started offering letterpress to clients in the last year and half, after receiving some letterpress tutoring from the good people at Minnesota Center for Book Arts. Angel Bomb Design now uses their 8×12 C&P and their 12 x 18 C&P to produce colorful works of beauty (with really nice letterpress solids, we might add!). We’re in love with all the samples, but in particular, we don’t want to let the “Minnesota” fine art print out of our site. Thanks so much for sharing your work with us, Todd!