2014 Seattle Children’s Hospital Letterpress Broadsides

For the past few years, we’ve collaborated with the Writers in the Schools program (WITS) and the School of Visual Concepts in Seattle, Washington, to create an inspiring collection of letterpress broadsides. Poets Sierra Nelson and Ann Teplick from the WITS program worked with long term pediatric patients at the Seattle Children’s Hospital to write poetry, and the artists use the poetry to create beautiful letterpress broadsides. This year, 20 artists worked on the project to create 20 prints for the Seattle Children’s Hospital Broadsides project. We supported the project by donating photopolymer plates to help offset the product costs involved with creating this limited run (only 110 were created!) of broadsides. Here are a few photos from this year’s beautiful collaboration – as well as photos of the artists who letterpress printed the broadsides!

2014 Seattle Children's Hospital Broadsides project2014 Seattle Children's Hospital Letterpress Broadsides

2014 Seattle Children's Hospital Broadsides - letterpress artists 2014 Seattle Children's Hospital Broadsides - letterpress artists 2014 Seattle Children's Hospital Broadsides - letterpress artists

2014 Children's Hospital Letterpress Broadsides

2014 Children's Hospital Letterpress Broadsides2014 Children's Hospital Letterpress Broadsides

Artist photos courtesy of the School of Visual Concepts 

Rose Gold Foil Stamped Business Cards

We worked with Sarah at the Windmill Paper Boutique in Boca Raton, Florida to create these foil stamped business cards for Bashert Jewelry. We used our Kluge press to foil stamp the cards with rose gold foil on thick, 2-ply black museum board. The end result? Simple, elegant and luxurious.


Client: Bashert Jewelry | Designer: Sarah Gluchacki from the Windmill Paper Boutique | paper: 2-ply Rising Museum Board, black | foil: rose gold shine | press: Kluge | Job #22568

Mohawk launches new Strathmore paper for letterpress printers

Mohawk has a new paper for letterpress printers: Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress papers. These papers have been designed to emulate the look and feel of handmade papers, with a luxurious surface that allows for a beautiful contrast between the sheet and the printed impression.

New Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress paper & envelopes

New Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress paper & envelopes

New Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress paper & envelopes

Strathmore Pure Cotton Letterpress Paper is available in two shades of white, Ultimate White and Soft White and two rich colors, Smoke Gray and Chino. The paper is available in two calipers: 18 pt for digital printing and 20 pt for letterpress printing. Matching 80 text envelopes are available with square or Euro flaps. Visit Mohawk to learn more.

Gold Shine Foil Stamped Gala Invitations

We worked with the talented and gracious Katie Barr of Tucked to create invitations and place cards for Reach for the Stars, a fund-raising gala to benefit St. Anne’s – Belfield School, a private school for Kindergarten through 12th grade in Charlottesville, Virginia. The double-sided invitations feature gold shine foil stamping and an exquisite constellation map on sapphire paper. The place cards included an inspirational poem and Katie personalized them by using metallic gold ink and a calligraphy pen to write each guest’s name. The combination of the design elements, gold foil and rich paper color made for quite the dramatic look!
Foil stamped place cards printed by Boxcar Press Gold foil stamped gala invitations printed by Boxcar Press, designed by Katie Barr of Tucked BC_MG_8668Gold foil stamped gala invitations printed by Boxcar Press, designed by Katie Barr of Tucked

foil stamping: gold shine | paper: Colorplan 100# cover in sapphire | size: invitations 5 x 7 when folded; menus 4.12 x 9.12  | job numbers: 22003 + 22392

Place cards photographed by KMS Photography 

Visit Boxcar Press during the Delavan Center Open Studio + Holiday Sale Event November 8-9

Come check out our Open Studio event this weekend! We’ll be joining over 40 artists and businesses within the Delavan Center and opening our doors this Friday and Saturday. Take a tour of our print shop and shop our latest letterpress goods. Interested in joining us? RSVP on Facebook!

Boxcar Press Open Studio Event

Can’t make it? You can always set up a tour next time you’re in town – just be sure to let us know when you’d like to come by!

Malcolm’s Letterpress Dinosaur Cards

Today we’ve got a special treat to share — and if this story doesn’t make you saw “aw!”, we’re not sure what will. We recently had the pleasure of letterpress printing these amazing dinosaur cards for Malcolm by way of his amazing Aunt Whitney, who shared the story behind his cards with us.
Malcolm's letterpress dinosaur cards
Malcolm is 5 1/2 years old. He is a prolific dinosaur artist filling many sketch books with dino drawings, in addition to a few trucks, helicopters and airplanes. We wanted to share some of Malc’s drawings, so we decided to have some letterpress cards made at Boxcar Press. We used a collage of his favorite drawings to make the postcard. Because he’s left handed, Malcolm signed his work with his backwards signature. Malcolm LOVES his first letterpress printed piece. The first card goes to Grandma Dorothy!  
The photos above show Malcolm with his artist’s easel, his bedroom wall (which is naturally filled with dinosaur drawings) and his newly printed dino cards. Big thanks to Malcolm’s Aunt Whitney for letting us share this fun story!