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Thanks to everyone who placed orders over the weekend and today! Here’s an update of the status of website problems that we’ve corrected and the ones we’re still working on.

I know that we had some issues with our upload page not working, but these appear to be resolved now. Thanks for your patience while we resolved this. It ended up not being our code to blame, but a configuration file on our new server (long story, full of swashbuckling IT adventure). In the meantime, Cathy and Carrie (despite her laryngitis) were able to field everyone’s orders over the phone and keep things running. Great work guys!

Over the weekend some other people experienced problems accessing our site from the URL These were normal effects from changing our server and should be working right at this point. Let us know if you still receive “server not found” or invalid security certificate issues. We’ve been monitoring our error logs to make sure things are running smoothly. That said, we would love to know if you discover any bugs on our site.

The one last we haven’t resolved is accepting credit cards for our supply orders. Our credit card merchant denied our transactions after we changed our server. It makes sense (to prevent fraud), but we didn’t realize this until after the launch, and are working now to restore online credit card processing. In the meantime, you can place your order online and phone in your credit card number. This should be up and running by the end of the day Tuesday March 18.

That’s it! Thanks for your patience while we sorted things out. And thanks so much for your great feedback–it sure makes all the work seem worthwhile!


3 thoughts on “Website update

  1. An update on Tuesday morning: We’re now working on an issue with our platemaking section that causes customer connections to crash every once in a while. This is our highest priority and we’re working to remedy this right now. Thanks! Harold

  2. As of 5pm on Tuesday, we’re now able to take credit cards for supply purchases. Most of the issues we experienced with our platemaking section have been resolved. We’re still working on some improvements in the code but we don’t anticipate this affecting your experience on the site. Oh, and now our e-mail signup list should work, so sign up any time! That’s all for today. Good night! Harold

  3. Alright, it’s Wednesday evening and I can say that our platemaking section is stable now. We discovered some problems with logging in today (for instance, if you wandered out of the platemaking section while being logged in, problems ensued when you returned), but we were able to patch the code before the end of the day. Also, we solved another problem with our upload page that caused an error message with big files. At this point, we’re able to move from “bug reports” to “feature requests.” The first will be way for you to cancel orders if we haven’t already started processing your order. This will be ready tomorrow most likely. Any other bugs or feature requests, simply record them at .

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