And the medallion winners are….

The medallion hunt is over! Though it’s sad to bid farewell to those pretty little medallions hidden throughout our site, let’s applaud our winners — these incredible adventurers who scoured page after page and emerged victorious with five Boxcar medallions in their teeth. We’ll be sending these folks a choose-your-press t-shirt along with lots of love. Thanks for playing along. Congratulations, ye letterpress lovers!

Madeline Tippens
Julienne Jacobson
Christopher James, Porridge Press
Brad O’Sullivan, Smokeproof Press
Kate Clapper, Flying Rabbit Press
Shelly Barandes, Albertine Press
Rigel Stuhmiller
Lisa Delu Vavrick, Ella Studio
Jason Riffaterre, Reservoir Press
Jason Yoh, Dutch Fireball Press

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