From Our Print Shop – Letterpress Marketing Materials for Corinna Raznikov Photography

Printing these super cool letterpress marketing pieces for Corinna Raznikov Photography, designed by Sharon Bartholomew, was a treat. It was also a big challenge, but a really fun challenge we couldn’t wait to tackle. The primary map card has a combination of large letterpress solids and hundreds of tiny dots, which required some crafty printing to get just right. The result is a collection of really bold letterpress pieces we consider pretty awesome.



The letterpress correspondence card, letterpress pricing card and letterpress promotional card feature calligraphy by Debi Zeinert of The Blooming Quill. All of the pieces were printed in a bright red ink and blind deboss with a hit of transparent white to make the colors pop. In combination with the striking illustrations dreamed up by Sharon Bartholomew and created by Pier Gustafson, and the old school script calligraphy, the pieces are a bit of a study in juxtaposition, something we think is especially sweet.



This set quickly became a crowd favorite around Boxcar and it’s pretty easy to see why. We love getting to letterpress pieces that are innovative and unique and this set definitely fits the bill.

Custom envelope liners (it’s true, a little flat printing in a letterpress shop)

In addition to having a whole lot of letterpresses in our print shop, we do have a few offset presses that we use for doing cool things like….flat printing custom envelope liners! We tried letterpress printing them at first, but the solids strained our presses, and with such a large form, we got such a light impression that it looked identical to flat printing anyway….so now we use our letterpresses for things that letterpress is good at (almost everything), and we use our offset presses for things like huge envelope liner solids! After printing the large liners, we send them through a die-cut run on our Heidelberg Cylinder and then hand-insert the finished liners into the envelopes. We fell in love with these bright red liners….