As Far As the Eye Can See…

Majestic, glorious towers of Smock. These items are the “contain multiples” that one may use to have a collection of stylish whatevers. Available through fine shops or Etsy.

A day in our Letterpress Shop: Blooming Flowers

Flowers are blooming all over in the Smock area! Using the pollen pattern gift wrap (which is 2 sided), Jen has made this amazing, huge, beautiful display piece. So many ideas, only 24 hours in a day!

Another Splendid Press!

Just in case you thought we only had Heidelberg presses, here is a teeny one that lives on the reception desk. It is a miniature wooden handpress, ancestor to the Heidelbergs.

by Carrie Valenzuela, letterpress printer. 12:29 p.m.

Welcome to our offices!

So spacious, so bright, so urban grit! This is where our client coordinators, designers, Harold, Debbie and Adriana work. The high ceilings and brick make it feel like a cave while the vivid colors and paper streamers bring a party vibe. Hence, the office is a party-cave!


by Carrie Valenzuela, letterpress printer. 3:56 p.m.

Boxcar Baby #1 helps out in company headquarters

Since the Boxcar Baby #1 just reached his 2-1/2 year milestone, we thought it was time he started pulling his weight around the office a little more. Luckily, energized by a peanut butter sandwich, he was more than willing to help out with our ink jet printer upstairs and try his hand at answering the phones. We’re looking forward to more contributions from Boxcar Baby #2 (due July 30, 2009)!

Merry Christmas!


We’re just doing the occasional post as this blogger (with the Boxcar Baby in tow) is traveling to warm weather places to visit with family. We realized we hadn’t posted pics of the Boxcar Baby lately….he has been spotted riding a big wheel around the offices, and also eating oranges while standing on top of the Boxcar Dada’s desk. Childhood sure looks fun….