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A necessary supply if you’re processing your own plastic-backed polymer plates, this super-strong adhesive mounts your plastic-backed polymer onto your Boxcar Base. Here are some cool things about our adhesive: it’s completely transparent, so it’s easy to see the grid on your base; it doesn’t move out of register when on the press, but will remove easily when pulled vertically; and just reapply the blue silicone paper backing for storage and future repeated use.  Apply once you’ve processed your plastic-backed plates, but before you print (it’s not for use during plate processing!). No need to purchase if we process your polymer plates: we apply film adhesive for all plastic-backed plates that we process in our platemaking shop.

Film Adhesive is sold by rolls or by sheet –
12” wide roll x 81 feet
18” wide roll x 81 feet
12” x 18” film adhesive sheets
Thickness: .004″

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Film Adhesive Sizes

12 inch roll, 18 inch roll, 12" x 18" Sheet

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