KF 95 letterpress plates -Unexposed


We apologize that we are still experiencing supply shortages. We feel fortunate to have some unexposed plate material so we encourage you to please call with your needs and we’ll discuss options and sizes for sale.

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This plastic-backed letterpress plate has a transparent plastic-backing for mounting on a Standard Boxcar Base. You can cut all these plates with scissors. If purchasing unexposed KF95 plastic-backed polymer plates, you’ll also want to purchase our Boxcar film adhesive to adhere your plates to your base.

  • for use on the Standard Boxcar Base
  • this is the plate we use at Boxcar Press (with our Heidelberg Cylinders, Vandercooks, and Windmills)- we love it.
  • 67 Durometer, good for fine lines down to .25pt and dots 1 pt thick. The lines will hold up under deep impressions with this plate.
  • When washed out, background is clear and relief is light yellow.
  • We recommend this plate for fine press book artists who use smaller serif fonts as the hardness of this plate is good for holding serifs.
  • recommended for designs with small point serif text.
  • with harder durometer, the KF95 plate may dry out, become brittle, and curl quicker than softer plastic backed plates (expected life of plate is 9-12 months with proper care).
  • Sizes/Dimensions
    • A2=16.5″ x 23.375″
    • A3=11.75″ x 16.5″*
    • A4=8.25″ x 11.75”*

    *A3 and A4 sizes are accurate within +/- .125

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