Jet 94FL letterpress plates (unexposed)


We regret to inform you we are not able to purchase 94FL plate material any longer.  We encourage you to try our KF95 material and our 95 Clear Hard material.  They are excellent plates for all your needs.

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This plastic-backed letterpress plate has a transparent plastic-backing for mounting on a Standard Boxcar Base. You can cut all these plates with scissors. If purchasing unexposed plastic-backed polymer plates, you’ll also want to purchase our Boxcar film adhesive to adhere your plates to your Boxcar base.

  • for use on the Standard Boxcar Base
  • 62 Durometer, good for lines down to .25pt and dots 1pt thick
  • favored by educational institutions for use on their Vandercook presses using standard bases
  • When washed out, background and relief are one color – orange
  • good choice if you want to reuse your plates–the 94FL plates are the longest lasting plates and resist drying out or curling for up to a year.
  • need to keep serif fonts 8 pt or above
  • Sizes/Dimensions
    • A2=16.5″ x 23.375″
    • A3=11.75″ x 16.5″*
    • A4=8.25″ x 11.75”*

    *A3 and A4 sizes are accurate within +/- .125

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