What presses do you operate: Kluge

What is your printing experience: Before Boxcar, none!

Where and/or from who did you learn to print: Bob G. taught me to operate the press, and I learned how to print at the same time everyone else here was figuring out how to make foil stamping work.

What are your print shop essentials: Wrench, pliers, scissors, glue.

What is your best letterpress trick: Glue-stic and tissue paper for building up fine packing.

Favorite part of letterpress printing: Watching the other guys pull their hair out when they can’t figure out how to get a print to work! And I like testing and figuring out new processes.

What is your least favorite part of printing: Defective foil.

What is your music of choice when on press: Salsa, reggaeton, bachata.

What is your hometown: Cayey, Puerto Rico — out in the country, with mountains, rivers, forests… and chicken fights.

What is your best letterpress printing trick: Patience.

What is your printing space like: Lots of glue, tape, sandpaper and shreds of tissue paper all over.

What is the proudest moment in printing career: When I finally learned how to print foil liners.

A fun fact about Boxcar Press: Some people here really get into holidays… Halloween costumes and April Fools’ pranks in particular!

Extracurricular activities: Spending time with my kids and playing with my dog.