Presses: Foil and letterpress windmill.

Learning: Fine Art college. I took intaglio and lithography courses. I  learned letterpress printing at Boxcar.

Print shop essentials: coffee!

Best letterpress trick: the tilt bar. It allows you to make an envelope run on “no gauges” to be straight without removing the plate.

Favorite part of letterpress printing: printing crazy colors, like lime-aid.

Least favorite part of printing: printing on envelopes.

Music of choice when on press: mostly audio books, like “The Hobbit.” Also podcasts, like “The Nerdist Podcast,” “My Favorite Murder,” “Stuff You Missed In History Class,” “Lore,” “Astonishing Legends,” and “Lord of the Rings Minute.”

Hometown: Syracuse, New York.

Printing space: mostly clean with piles of make ready scrap, packing paper, and boxes of snacks laying around.

Proudest moment in printing career: doing my first steamroller print, or learning to use a windmill. It’s such an old machine!

Extracurricular activities: working on my house, traveling, drawing and printing.