Presses: Windmill, Kluge, and Vandercook.

Learning: I originally learned at Scotsman Press.

Print shop essentials: ALL of the wrenches, miles of Scotch tape, and pliers.

Best letterpress trick: double-stamp black ink to get it deep and rich without over-inking.

Favorite part of letterpress printing: getting jobs with three or more colors, preferably a bunch of fluorescent colors.

Least favorite part of printing: matching to age-old ink chips.

Music of choice when on press: “The Economist” audio edition.

Hometown: Syracuse, New York.

Printing space: Migrational. I’m rarely on one particular press for long.

Proudest moment in printing career: I don’t really bother holding on to particular moments. I try to save all of my pride for what I’m currently working on.