The essential Q&A with Boxcar’s Greg Perry

Job title: Platemaker

Describe what you do at Boxcar Press in 10 words: making plates for all divisions, keeping track of plating/job inventory. (10 word cheat!)

My super power is: Solving plating questions (E.S.P.)

Hometown: Rochester, NY

My favorite printing equipment: Vandercook

What three places do you want out-of-towners to visit in Central New York?
#1. Boxcar Press, of course!
#2. M.O.S.T. (Syracuse’s science museum
#3. Armory Square for dining and entertainment

Music that inspires me: The Beatles

The greenest thing I do: Recycle, recycle, recycle! At home & at work

This makes me proud: I’ve been in printing over 40 years and I’m still somewhat sane!

My favorite Pantone: 072 Blue

Most memorable meal: Seafood dinner at Foxy’s, in Thousand Islands, it had everything!

What book do you think everyone should read? Still looking!

What’s on your nightstand right now? Just some Smithsonian magazines

Something about the Boxcar Press crew our customers don’t know: How do we handle the pressure in rush situations? Everyone steps up and gets it done, we all work well together, that’s not easy!

(photos and interview by Carrie, Boxcar’s Office Manager)

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