Letterpress printing video: Heidelberg Windmills, drama, invitations, beauty,

Letterpress printing is so darn pretty that we wanted to share it with the world – so Harold spend the afternoon filming our printer Jake interacting with one of our favorite Heidelberg Windmills as he printed some letterpress invitations — then Harold spent days and nights and days and nights editing the footage down into three really tight seat-gripping minutes of total printing beauty. Enjoy (and make sure to turn the volume up loud so you can dance along to the press sounds)!

1 thought on “Letterpress printing video: Heidelberg Windmills, drama, invitations, beauty,

  1. Your video of the Heidelberg at work brings joy to an old man’s heart! Two sound-tracks fill my dreams. A red-ball Heidelberg at a modest speed and a Linotype squeezing, grunting and we-hope not squirting. Your presses and your shop look to be clean. Cleanliness is a secret weapon seldom-used in today’s profit-flogged world. In heaven, I will drive a BMW with a Heidelberg paint job. My only negative thought on the video is that I would have preferred to hear the press rather than the music. I have a stereo, but I don’t have a red-ball. Many good impressions during the year ahead. Will Clark

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