Letterpress printing in the snow belt

We were talking with a friend recently about all the letterpress printing going on in California, and we’ll admit it got us dreaming about warm weather, blue skies, oceans, the color green….until we realized, what are we thinking!?!??! Why move our 50 tons of letterpress printing equipment away from the snowiest city in the U.S.!!! What would we have to brag about then in the winter months? And if we didn’t have to snowblow, scrape, dust off, shovel, balance, drive 10 miles an hour on the expressway in a snowstorm — what would we do with our time? And besides, if it’s not snowing and snowing and snowing — what do people talk about all winter along? It’s definitely winter here in Syracuse, but the good news is — we are winning the golden snowball competition (a contest between five CNY cities in the snow belt)! Snow to date: 95.9 inches of snow here in our city. We’re on track to have this be one of the snowiest winters on record. What’s good about the snow? It’s pretty. It distracts you from not seeing the sun for the entire winter. It slows you down and makes things very, very quiet. And then there’s spring….that first time you hear birds again and slosh through the snowmelt and see the tree buds, the entire city is giddy with joy.

1 thought on “Letterpress printing in the snow belt

  1. Agreed on all counts. Deep, cold, long winters have their place in the life of an artist.

    Without a good old fashioned blizzard – driving you inside to get warm and prepare that pot of coffee – then you’re missing out on the little push that gets you into the studio (or keeps you there) to put more beautiful things on paper.

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