The Letterpress Roundtable VI: Letterpressing the Issue

With the 2012 election just a week away, we thought it’d be fitting to poll some of the printers we admire to see how they’re using letterpress to inspire political change. The results are in, and they’re poignant, humorous, intelligent and – above all – stimulating. We gathered some of letterpress’s best for the sixth installment of our letterpress roundtable discussion in an effort to light the way for what is yet to come. Read the stirring responses this group has to offer and be sure to tell us about your own projects in the comments section below!

1 thought on “The Letterpress Roundtable VI: Letterpressing the Issue

  1. Students in Bob Kelemen’s Type High Press class at Kent State University designed posters around the topic of voting for the upcoming Presidential Election. Kelemen’s assignment charged students to create a non-partisan poster encouraging students on the Kent campus to vote.

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