How to Create a Cutting Diagram for Steel-Backed Plates

While steel-backed plates are fun to print with, cutting them down is not so wonderful. If you do not have access to either a heavy guillotine paper cutter or tin snips,  we can (and would be happy to) cut down your steel-backed custom-made plates for you. Simply include a simple, separate cutting diagram file when uploading your file.

We ask that you create a separate file showing your cut mark lines in magenta (Cyan=0, Yellow=0, Magenta=100, and Black=0). The smallest plate size we can trim is 1.5″ x 1.5″ as we use a heavy board shear (heavy guillotine cutter) to make the straight cuts. Please add spacing on either side of each magenta line equal to at least 0.75″ (keep in mind the safety of the tips of our fingers). Only use straight lines and no diagonals, please. Save your cutting diagram file with the words “cutting-diagram” in the file name to alert us that the file is for cutting purposes.


(Notice that the correctly set-up sample has straight lines with enough spacing on either side of the magenta cut lines)

When you have your cutting diagram file and original file ready, upload both to your ticket during the ordering process. Make sure to “decline” all previews for the cutting diagram file as this will ensure accurate plate cost calculations.

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