Jet 94CHFB letterpress plates (unexposed)


We regret this plate material (94CHFB) is no longer available.  There is no information from the manufacturer at this time if this product will be added back into their line of plates in the future.  Please call with your needs and we’ll discuss options with other plate types.

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Our newest plate – the 94 clear hard plate is our hardest plastic-backed letterpress plate ever. It can handle a deep bite into all thicknesses of uncoated letterpress papers with minimal compression. With this clear plate, exposure time is less than 2 minutes. It has a transparent plastic-backing for mounting on a Standard Boxcar Base. You can cut these plates with scissors. If purchasing unexposed plastic-backed polymer plates, you’ll also want to purchase our Boxcar film adhesive to adhere your plates to your base.

  • For use on the Standard Boxcar Base.
  • This is the plate we have tested and use at Boxcar Press (with our Heidelberg Cylinders, Vandercooks, and Windmills).
  • At 75 Durometer (our hardest plastic plate), it’s good for fine lines down to .25 pt and dots 1 pt thick. The lines will hold up under deep impressions with this plate without distortion.
  • When washed out, background is clear with a pale blue cast and relief is very pale yellow.
  • Stouffer 21 Step Exposure Scale is 15-17.
  • With a harder durometer, this plate may dry out, become brittle, and curl quicker than softer plastic backed plates (durometer of 64 and lower)


  • A2=16.5″ x 23.375″
  • A3=11.75″ x 16.5″*
  • A4=8.25″ x 11.75”*
  • *A3 and A4 sizes are accurate within +/- .125

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