Log on to your account in platemaking. It will take you to your Orders page where the current status will be visible.

Status Explanations:

  • Pending – Your order has been started but all the steps have not been completed. This requires further action on your part.
  • Received – Waiting for us to review your files.
  • On hold and awaiting action on your part.
    • On Hold No Files Received – Please try uploading again or call for assistance.
    • On Hold Bad Files – Your files need attention.  You will receive an email indicating your order is on hold with the problem and asking you to correct and upload new files. File errors may include your files measure too large to plate, not in correct color mode, lines or dots too thin, files are in grayscale, etc.
    • On Hold – Credit Card declined or expiration is passed. There is a problem with your payment, please contact us.
  • In Platemaking – We are in production making your films to make plates. Your ticket is locked as we are moving ahead.
  • Billing complete – Your platemaking job is billed and awaiting shipping.
  • Shipping Complete – We have shipped and still need to Invoice your order.
  • Order Complete – We closed out your order as we have created a shipping label and your package is out the door. The day your order was completed was the day it shipped.

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