Type Lice Bait

A Type Lice bait that is effective on pests but safe for printers!

Print shops have long battled the ubiquitous type lice that settles deep into their metal and wood type drawers.   The parasite is not life threatening but can leave dander that causes sneezing and rashes when the type is handled.

There are many different suggested treatments for luring, trapping, and eliminating these lice.  We offer a natural bait that is irresistible to the lice and will clean up any infestation in less than one week.  The bait is dabbed in small amounts onto a quarter size piece of paper and placed in the trap.

This works with all trap, but we have found the best type lice trap is this model created by Ivan Gulkov of Pillowface Press.  It is simple in design, uses recycled materials, and works well with the type lice bait. We welcome the submissions of other trap designs and models.

The bait comes in a 3 ounce squeeze bottle where you can dispense small amounts at a time.  The lice will flock to the bait, be trapped in the lice trap and can be disposed of quickly.  The bottle will last for approximately 50 applications, leaves no residue and has no odor.  It is
from natural organic compounds and hypoallergenic.

Contact local printer supply shops for this eco- friendly product for all print studios.  This product offer may expire April 1, 2012