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Asparagus excitement

Earlier this year, Debbie and I were wondering how our company’s benefits could help our local community as well as our employees. It just so happened this conversation took place in our kitchen while I was hungry and Debbie was cookin’ up a homemade meal of organic greens. “Food!” was the only thing I could think of. We laughed and thought, why not have a benefit of organic food? Crazy as it sounded, it made more sense the more we talked about it. We’d be bringing fresh, healthy produce to our employees; helping local farmers who care about their environmental impact; and eating well. Thanks to a very positive reception from our employees (who made this idea happen), we started this program earlier this week. I’ll let Carrie Reagan explain:

Jake, Jamie, and Carrie

a visit from farmer jamie edelstein. organic-farmer-turned-letterpress-printer jake is on the left, and our csa coordinator carrie is on the right

Though the official start of summer hasn’t dawned, Central New York has begun enjoying the bounty our local farmers have cultivated throughout the spring! Agriculture is not usually the first kind of culture that comes to mind when we think of New York, but Upstate New York is rich in rolling corn fields, sun-dappled apple orchards, fine wine-worthy vineyards, and many small farms! Boxcar Press is proud to support New York’s local farmers through the CSA-CNY program).

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and offers the community a way to give their money directly to the farmers who produce their food. These programs usually offer opportunities to work and play on the farms through Work Shares and Potlucks, and help build our sense of connection with each other and our earth. letterpress-food-3.jpgThrough an innovative new program, this year Boxcar Press is sponsoring a portion of CSA shares for our employees! In cooperation with CSA-CNY, we are also hosting a POD (point of delivery) where other shareholders can come to pick up their weekly fruits and veggies.

We are particularly fortunate that two local organic farms are providing our shares this year. Grindstone Farm in Pulaski, NY and Wyllie Fox Farm in Cato, NY take sustainable farming seriously, but still have lots of fun! letterpress-food-4.jpgThis season’s harvest will include broccoli, spinach, chard, lettuces, tomatoes, summer squash, melons, parsnips, blueberries, pumpkins, and a host of other delicious fruits and veggies. We are looking forward to a healthy summer; healthy eating, healthy farming, and a healthy commitment to our community and our planet!

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