Heidelberg Alert – Printing Press At Work On Screen

Though the popular USA Network series “White Collar” is now in it’s 4th season, a nostalgic look back at the series pilot shows a Heidelberg windmill going full tilt in the final minutes of action.  The press is supposedly printing counterfeit, multi-color Spanish Victory Bonds.

( image credit: USA Networks © 2009 )

The bad guys are trying to finish printing and box up the bonds before the FBI breaks down the doors.  It’s often a game of “Spot the Mistakes” when a printing press is used in a movie or television.  However,  it’s also a source of pride to see and say “hey, it’s a (fill in the blank) press” when you come across one.  You’ll probably admit that, when possible, you back up the action to take a second and even third look at the press (it’s okay, so do we). Just remember — this Heidelberg windmill was forced to do these illegal deeds.

Also spotted recently (with some very careful sleuthing) is a cameo appearance of another Heidelberg Windmill tucked away in the corner of print shop in the Academy Award-nominated 2002 film, “Catch Me If You Can”, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks.

( image credit: Dreamworks Pictures © 2002 )

The scene in question opens up with Tom Hanks’ character, Carl Hanratty, doing some of his own detective work with a few ink-in-the-blood printers while trying to locate where the crafty con-man, Frank William Abignale, might be next. In the far right, a sneaky Heidelberg graces the scene for a few seconds, but steals our heart for the rest of the film.


3 thoughts on “Heidelberg Alert – Printing Press At Work On Screen

  1. HEYYY GUYSSS.. I was having a nostalgic movie day on Saturday when I totally spotted a windmill in use in guess what movie….. THE GOONIES!!!!!!…DATA finds a windmill turns on the power switch and pulls the handle…when he does so the results at the delivery table are counterfeit bills!..I definitely never noticed this scene growing up but it made my day. had to share when i saw this!

  2. also at the end of the movie “Book of Eli” they print a BEAUTIFUL version of the Bible on a windmill and stick it into a bookshelf..the cover of the book is foil stamped.

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