Essential Q&A with Zebadiah Keneally, Boxcar Press finisher

Zeb recently left us to go travel the globe (Vietnam, Australia, maybe a little China or India, etc.), but he promised to come back someday with swashbuckling tales of adventure (and some souvenirs too, we hope!). We wouldn’t let him go without allowing us the pleasure of profiling him on our blog!

Job Title: Finisher

Describe what you do at Boxcar Press in 10 words: Inspect, wrap, mix, edge-paint, print, ship, assemble, give, organize, fold.

My super power is: Abnormal agility

Hometown: Stratford, CT

My favorite printing equipment: Vandercook proofing press

What 3 places do you want out-of-towners to visit in Central New York?
Green Lakes State Park, Doc’s Little Gem Diner, Phoenix Book Barn

Music that inspires you: Anything with some soul, especially the bizarre kind

The greenest thing you do? Ride my bike – I don’t own a car!

Besides letterpress, I am passionate about: Drawing, painting, home cooked food.

This makes me proud: Finishing a drawing or painting

My favorite Pantone: Process Magenta

Most memorable meal: This roast my mom makes -cooked 5 hours in coffee until the beef is so tender it dissolves on your tongue.

What book do you think everyone should read? Ken Kesey -Sometimes A Great notion

What’s on your nightstand right now? The Occult by Colin Wilson; Retrospective: Phillip Guston; The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen.

Something about Boxcar Press our customers may not know: Our time clock is always 10 minutes slow.

How do we handle rush situations? Situation Normal

What do you want to tell our readers? Boxcar Press daily per capita coffee consumption is 3.65 cups

***About Zeb’s art***

What are your favorite mediums? Graphite + paper, oil paint + board, silkscreen + paper, tin foil + string

How would you describe your creations? Simple/minimal – they are what they are, pencil on paper, oil on board, tinfoil.

Do you have a message? Yes and no – I often discover meaning as I create and I hold no sway over the way my work is interpreted. What does it mean to the viewer? Can it start a conversation?

Where can we see your art?

How can I commission or buy something nice to hang on my wall from you? I’m happy to work with anyone. You can contact me at

(photos and interview by Carrie, Boxcar’s Office Manager)

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