Boxcar Press tree donation: 4,168 trees for 2008

Eco letterpress - buttermilk falls

Boxcar Press has been supporting American Forests in a variety of ways this year — we’re planting one tree for every platemaking order over $100 in 2008; we match tree donations that our customers make if they purchase trees during checkout on our web site; and we’ve done various promotions for our custom printing, like donating 100% of certain sample purchases to American Forests, or giving printing discounts if our customers donate a certain amount of trees. We just did a year to date tally of our tree donations, and saw that we have planted 4,168 trees through American Forests this year so far! Each new tree planted by American Forests will absorb roughly 740 pounds of carbon dioxide, so doing some fancy-pants multiplication, we found that our trees will absorb roughly 3,084,320 pounds of CO2. Pretty cool stuff! (Photo of tree & forest from a letterpress photo shoot in Buttermilk Falls – Ithaca, NY)

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