Pantone Formula Guide Solid Coated and Uncoated


We are no longer offering the Uncoated and Coated Set combo.  However, if you are interested in a special price on the Coated Formula Guide only? See below.

Out of stock

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Formula Guide can be used to select, mix and match letterpress inks and specify for letterpress printing.

Here is the SPECIAL DEAL. We have a limited number of new Coated Formula Guides that you can purchase by themselves. Most letterpress printing projects are uncoated stock, however, if you don’t have any formula guide and the double set is out of your budget, consider the Coated Guide book for $65 only plus shipping.
Call 315-473-0930 ext 112 or email to order. Sorry, these can’t be ordered online because of the limited quantity.

If you are still interested in the double set, please check out Pantone’s website for that product.

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