Letterpress Ink, Rubber Based: Premium Ink Starter Pack


We love true black and red letterpress inks as much as any printer, but a little more color doesn’t hurt anyone. It could just set you free.

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Become more colorful: once armed with this premium letterpress ink set, you’ll be able to mix up hundreds of Pantone colors in the Pantone Formula Guide book. This set includes 12 base color inks for mixing plus printing black and opaque white (printing white) for a total of 14. We also include two empty one lb ink cans to store your mixed ink and an ink knife.

The colors are:
(2.2 lb size for all unless otherwise noted) Pantone Black (mixing black); Transparent White (Mixing White); Green; Process Blue; Purple; Reflex Blue; Rhodamine Red; Violet; Warm Red; Yellow; Rubine Red; Printing Black; Opaque White (printing white 3.3 lb), Orange 021.

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Weight 38 lbs

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