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Opaque White, also called Printing White, is the bolder, more outspoken older brother of Transparent White. The difference between the two whites? Opaque White is often used on its own because it’s, well, more opaque: this means you’ll have less paper show and the Opaque white color will pop more off the page. Transparent white, on the other hand, is used most often as a mixing ink – it’s a much more subtle color when used on its own (lots of paper show through there). A favorite ink of broadside printers, Opaque White is part of our Premium Ink Starter pack. Available in 3.3 lbs

Some printers use opaque white for mixing and they swear by it — it makes inks have less show through (but also makes the colors a little more blue, a little more chalky. Most printers, including us, prefer transparent white for mixing (this is what the formulas use in the pantone guides), and then use opaque white if printing white on paper.

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