Custom Rubber Base Ink Mix


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Our custom letterpress inks are mixed scientifically at the Van Son ink lab just for you. They’re a good alternative if you don’t have all the the Pantone Basic Ink Colors but you still want to put a specific Pantone color on your letterpress.

We also recommend going with custom ink in these two situations:

  • you’re going to be printing the same color ink over an extended period of time (for instance, the inks you offer in a wedding invitation collection). If you order a custom ink of say 5645U, you’ll know when you need to reorder it a year later it will look exactly the same.
  • you’re printing with very light colors or a pastel ink. The formulas for such inks require very precise measurements (.2% yellow plus 99.5% trans white, etc.) and it’s difficult to mix these colors accurately yourself.

Please allow 1 week delivery for custom letterpress ink colors. If you are printing on uncoated letterpress papers, refer to the Pantone Uncoated Formula Guide to get an accurate representation of your ink color.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

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