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We are sorry, Kort Adjustable Gauge Pins will be out of stock for an indeterminate time.  We do have a limited number of replacement tongues if you already have a Kort Gauge.

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Considered the most reliable and heavy duty gauge pins – they lock into your tympan in a way that makes it virtually impossible to slip out of register during a letterpress printing run. Our recommendation for commercial printers using hand fed letterpresses.

Kort Adjustable Gauge Pins are for Automatic or Hand Fed Platen Presses.
These guides are positioned two on the bottom and one on the left hand side of your Boxcar Base or form to hold paper. They fit in the space above your furniture so they don’t interfere with the base and closing of the platen during letterpress printing.

  • Cut a ¾” slit into your tympan paper.
  • Pull up guide arms and slide bottom spring base corner-wise into slit as far as it will go.
  • Make a slit at the rear of the guide and slide the back into this slip.
  • Tighten guide by pushing down guide arms.This double-grip should hold up to 10-ply board without slipping.

Kort gauge pins are steel and will smash a Boxcar Base if they come into contact during letterpress printing. After first placing the pins, take care to slowly turn the press over by hand so you can make sure that the gauge pins won’t impact your base.

Gauge pins come in packs of 3 – you’ll need all 3 each time you print. Tongues are broad and flat. Replacement tongues are available.

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