JET 73-SP Intaglio Plates / Solar Exposure


We regret that this unexposed material (73SP) is no longer available.  The manufacturer has not indicated if they will be adding this product back into their line of plates. Please call with your needs and we’ll discuss alternatives.

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These are intaglio (pronounced in-tahl-yo) or acid-free etching plates that are exposed with UVA lights and washed out with water. 73-SP Intaglio plates are exposed through a film positive where the printed image appears the same as the original drawing. These are popular intaglio etching plates. These plates are also commonly referred to as “solar exposure plates” as printmakers often use the sun’s UV rays for exposure.  73 refers to the thickness in mm (.73mm)

Available Plate Sizes / Dimensions

A2=16.5″ x 23.375″*
A3=11.75″ x 16.5″*
A4=8.25″ x 11.75”*

*Plate sizes are accurate within +/- .125″

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