Presses: the Kluge (mainly). The Heidelberg Windmill and Cylinders (occasionally).

Experience: 2 years on letterpress. 15 years printing generally.

Learning: I taught myself to print at the Palladium Times in Oswego, New York.

Print shop essentials: loupe, ruler and scissors.

Best letterpress trick: just make the job look good! The trick is with packing — I use anything: paper, plastic, mylar — try different materials to see what helps you get the best impression.

Favorite part of letterpress printing: the actual printing — when things are going and you can actually see the product.

Least favorite part of printing: set-up. The Kluge takes a lot of time.

Music of choice when on press: typically the radio — I love country music — but it depends on what I’m printing. During set-up or intricate jobs I don’t listen to anything, I like to stay focused.

A fact about Boxcar Press: there’s a great family-type atmosphere here. It’s (hands down) the best place I’ve ever worked.

Proudest moment in printing career: being self-taught. When I was working at the Palladium Times, they needed someone to try printing the newspaper in a pinch and I figured it out the first day on press. I had already been working there and was in charge of making sure the papers got delivered. Even though I have a degree in Criminal Justice, I knew this was what I wanted to do as soon as I gave it a try.

Extracurricular activities: golf and hunting!