Rebecca Miller illustration



Working at Boxcar since: February 14, 2011.

A typical day: I open the day with a large cup of hot tea and organize my desk, answer phone calls, complete the daily Boxcar Platemaking List, start on customers’ file to send to film and plating, get another cup of hot tea, answer emails and review phone messages, get another cup of hot tea, reassure a customer on how to do Separations, lunch, get a head start on next day’s orders for file-to-plate orders, review phone messages and contact customers with file prep needs. Finish last cup of tea and replenish with water. Review the final Daily List with platemaking team.  Review any remaining phone calls and emails. Start on Daily List for platemaking tickets for the next day. Send out just one more file to be made into plates for tomorrow’s orders. Finally, smile, chuckle and close the day.

Background: I’m from Da U.P., eh and a Yooper wid a passion for pasties, hockey, and dat dere typography.

Prized possession: I have two: my gun lamp that sits on top of my degree from Alma college.

A cause you believe in: I believe in education for the prevention of domestic violence, and support the Vera House.

A little known secret: we never give up.

Important book: there are 3: Plunkitt of Tammany Hall, by William Riordan; Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and Elements of Typography by Robert Bringhurst.

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: try to authenticate the urban legend of the feral cats of Solvay. Also, be sure to check out Fillmore Glen in Moravia, New York