Letterpress child watcher. Co-owner. Writer.

Working at Boxcar since: June 2002.

Background: I grew up in Chicagoland, went to college in a small farm town in Minnesota where I met Harold (I majored in history), worked in PR for Minneapolis Public Schools for a few years, then got my MFA from Syracuse in creative writing. If you count Harold as the first employee of Boxcar Press, I was the second, signing up in my second year of graduate school to avoid teaching comp to freshmen (but also Harold needed help! Our basement was a mess!). Now I’m taking time off from the day to day of Boxcar to spend time writing and watching the Boxcar kids grow tall.

Prized possession: my cookbook collection. Yes, it is getting out of hand. And yes, I cannot bring myself to get rid of any of it, even A Taste of Scotland.

A cause you believe in: vegetarianism (we’re raising the two Boxcar kids as vegetarians too). Mark Bittman said it pretty well: eat less meat, save the world.

A little known secret: back when the Boxcar blog first started in 2004 (when the internet was young and reckless and nobody knew about seo), I used to have a series called “what is Harold wearing now?” which was all about what Harold was wearing that day. Does this sound fascinating? It was for me at least! I miss those times a little.

Important book: Marlen Haushofer’s The Wall (I even wrote an essay about it)

If you’re visiting Syracuse, don’t miss: Labrador Hollow — only 35 minutes away and totally amazing hiking, waterfalls, and views.